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Cut back in half: Skechers Summits Analysis (2024)

Cut in half: Skechers Summits Review (2024)

Who should buy

We anticipate that this main strolling shoe from Skechers goes to swimsuit guys and gals who:

  • need a slip-on shoe that’s super quick to positioned on and take off
  • need an exceptionally lightweight daily beater
  • seek for a no-frills budget-friendly chance
  • need plush cushioning with Memory Foam

Who should NOT buy

There could also be fully no arch help throughout the Skechers Summits. In case you wrestle with overpronating ft or weak ankles, we undoubtedly advocate reaching for the Skechers Arch Match in its place. This shoe is on the market in dozens of various sorts and colorways.

And in case you are ready to stretch your value vary in return for bigger top quality, greater breathability, and further lasting constructing, keep in mind the On Cloud 5 or the Cloud 5 Push.

Skechers Summits lab test

This may increasingly sometimes come as a shock, nevertheless this seemingly gentle and mesh-covered Skechers shoe really lacks throughout the breathability division.

Evaluating the Summits to completely different strolling sneakers in our lab, we found that the air barely passes by way of its greater textile. Inside the video underneath, we pumped smoke by way of the uppers of every sneakers on the same tempo nevertheless you presumably can see how the Skechers Summits is barely letting out a tiny streak.

For that trigger, we rated the shoe’s breathability as solely 2 out of 5.

To help our findings, we moreover put the upper by way of a transparency examine. Holding the half-cut shoe in opposition to the sunshine, we didn’t see any perforations or pores that shall be large ample to let the sunshine shine by way of.

Wanting on the upper by way of our microscope, it appears just like the shoe’s tightly woven material is the one in cost.

Skechers Summits microscope 2

Toebox durability

The shoe’s barely warmth greater really paid off when it obtained right here to the durability examine.

Skechers Summits toebox durability test

Making use of our Dremel to the shoe’s toebox supplies at a 5K RPM tempo, we had been shocked to hunt out that it didn’t go away a see-through hole! Because of the software program solely damaged the topmost layer of the upper, we rated this shoe’s toebox sturdiness as 3 out 5.

Not unhealthy for a $65 shoe!

Heel padding durability

It was moreover good to see that such a fragile house as a result of the heel padding stood as a lot because the examine merely constructive!

Skechers Summits heel padding durability test

After making use of the Dremel for 4 seconds at a 5K RPM tempo, all we seen was a mere scratch. Thus, the heel padding obtained a robust 5 out of 5 ranking for durability.

Resolution to go, Skechers!

Outsole hardness

In relation to the outsole, we might not rely on the similar stage of harm resistance from the Summits. The character of the froth is simply too tender to withstand frequent contact with asphalt and concrete.

Measuring its hardness with a durometer, we solely purchased 53 HC, whereas strolling sneakers on frequent have an outsole hardness of 73.1 HC.

Outsole durability

Pretty anticipated, the shoe’s “outsole” failed as soon as we examined its abrasion resistance with our Dremel.

Having drilled the material for 22 seconds at a tempo of 10K RPM, the damage was so much larger compared with completely different sneakers.

We measured the depth of the dent with the help of a tread gauge and purchased 2.5 mm. That may be a millimeter deeper than frequent!

Skechers Summits outsole durability test

In case you intend to placed on the Skechers Summits outdoor daily, you may in all probability desire a substitute after one season.

Outsole thickness

Because of there isn’t any such factor as a outsole defending the shoe’s uncovered foam, we rely on a shorter-than-average life span from this strolling shoe.

The Summits shoe is actually on the lighter facet of the spectrum of Skechers sneakers.

Weighing it on our scale, we purchased 8.1 oz (230g), which is an oz. lighter than strolling sneakers on frequent!

That’s the type of shoe which will make you feel similar to you forgot to put your sneakers on throughout the morning.

Skechers Summits heel cushioning

Heel stack

Amazingly, for its super gentle weight, this Skechers shoe managed to pack additional cushioning than frequent!

Measuring its heel stack with a caliper, we purchased 36.4 mm of prime. That’s about 5 mm thicker than frequent. Strolling throughout the Summits, we actually felt very comfy and well-cushioned.


Evaluating the excellence in stack heights, we get a heel-to-toe drop of 15.8 mm. That’s significantly taller than frequent, offering generous cushioning beneath the heel.

However, a number of of that drop will get misplaced as a result of the Memory Foam insole squishes to take the type of your foot.

Midsole softness

Note: a low durometer measurement equals a soft material, whereas a high measurement means it’s firm.

Using our durometer, we measured the shoe’s foam at 21.1 HA. That’s a whole 21% softer than our lab-tested strolling sneakers.

Skechers Summits Midsole softness

Like most Skechers sneakers, the Summits feels marshmallow tender!

Insole thickness

The Skechers Summits makes use of a Memory Foam insole to make its wearers even happier. This supplies molds to the type of your foot to provide that custom-made padding. No marvel our insole measurement obtained right here out so massive – the insole is nearly a centimeter thick (9.6 mm)!

Skechers Summits Insole thickness

Nevertheless as so much as we liked the memory foam impression, it. We might probably not really feel it as vividly after a few week of regular placed on.

Lateral stability test

In the event you’re trying to find help and stability on this Skechers shoe, we advocate wanting elsewhere (hint: Skechers Arch Match).

The Summits was made as a 100% neutral strolling shoe. There is not a added arch help or another choices that can help to stabilize the gait. This shoe is meant to maneuver along with the foot naturally.

Torsional rigidity

There could also be not even slightly little bit of torsional stiffness throughout the Skechers Summits.

As our information analysis reveals, the shoe has zero resistance to bending and twisting. Thus, we rated its torsional rigidity with the underside ranking of 1 out of 5.

Heel counter stiffness

The heel counter is just as pliable as the rest of the shoe. On a scale from 1 to 5 the place 5 is the stiffest, we rated it as 1.

A company foothold is to not be anticipated proper right here.

Midsole width in the heel

As for the widest part of the heel, our caliper reveals 88.6 mm. That’s decrease than a millimeter away from the everyday measurement.


The Skechers Summits is a extraordinarily versatile shoe, even compared with its companions from the similar mannequin.

Based totally on our drive gauge, it took us as little as 6.6N to bend the shoe to a 90-degree angle. That may be a whopping 180% decrease than it takes a strolling shoe on frequent!

Grip / Traction

The shoe grips dry outside surfaces pretty correctly. However, we advocate staying away from moist flooring or picket because the dearth of rubber makes this Summits shoe a slippery disaster.

Skechers Summits outsole

Toebox width at the widest part

The Skechers Summits fits merely as anticipated in our frequent strolling shoe measurement. Our toes had enough space throughout the toebox and the material had merely ample give for a cushty nevertheless non-restrictive match.

Measuring the widest part of the shoe’s forefoot with a caliper, we purchased 98.8 mm. That’s virtually the similar as the everyday.

Toebox width at the big toe

The shoe’s toebox stays spacious ample throughout the toes too. Measuring its width on the massive toe, we purchased 77.3 mm. Decrease than a millimeter narrower than the everyday.

Tongue: gusset type

As a slip-on shoe, the Skechers Summits has a completely built-in tongue.

Bungee laces

The shoe incorporates a bungee-laced instep as an alternative of a conventional lacing system. The bungee laces cannot be used to manage the match; nonetheless, they hold taut, providing a lockdownwhen the foot is inside, and stretch merely when the coach is being taken off or positioned on.

Skechers Summits lacing

Tongue padding

As there isn’t any such factor as a tongue per se, we measured the thickness of the upper correct above the instep. Our caliper returned 4.7 mm which is concerning the similar amount of padding as the everyday.

Heel tab

This Skechers slip-on is pretty easy to positioned on throughout the first place. However, the mannequin nonetheless added a useful pull tab on the once more to assist the wearer.

Removable insole

The shoe’s Memory Foam insole is removable. This is usually a good issue given how briskly its impression is sporting out. It’s possible you’ll revive the shoe’s underfoot comfort by altering the insole.

Reflective elements

There are no reflective components on the Skechers Summits.